Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Trip to the 2011 Fancy Food Show

Gift Baskets in Frederick Md

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The Fancy Food Show 2011 was held in Washington, DC this week.  This is one of the highlights of the entire year for me.  The DC convention center played host to over 1,500 exhibitors featuring the best U.S. foods, plus 900 bringing top international foods to the states.  As a highlight to the show, companies are given the opportunity to enter there products into the sofi “Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation” awards. The sofi awards are the highest honor in the specialty food industry.   This year there were over 2,326 entries, a record, vying for a place among 33 award categories!  At the show these outstanding products are highlighted in a special area where they are showcased for all to see!  The winners, when announced, take home the coveted “sofi” gold chef statue.  At the end of the article is a link to check out the winners!

I find the show compelling for 2 reasons; first, I’m amazed at the level of creativity, and secondly, there is no better place to find unique U.S. made products all in one place.  From chocolate covered bacon to wine pairing cookies, this show has it all!

I take tremendous pride in offering the highest quality products at a fair price.  I search far and wide to find some of the most unique, boutique quality food items to create maryland gift baskets.  Let me share a little story with you….. last week one of my very best customers said to me while placing an order for a gift basket “don’t put much food in the basket, I throw that stuff away myself when I get baskets!!” That there in a nutshell is exactly what I strive not to create!  That stigma is an industry wide accounting of what most gift basket companies produce. 

Rest assured that if you allow us to fulfill your gift basket order, you and your recipient will be impressed with the quality in your basket.  I do not allow foods in my store that I myself, would not serve to my own family and loved ones.  That philosophy is the same when filling baskets for each and every customer I get the priviledge to work with!

Getting back to the Fancy Food Show, after 2 long exhausting days, I am completely energized and excited to bring you many new products that I will be unveiling in the upcoming months.  Here are just a few of my favorite finds;

*Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
*Tate’s Bake Shop; Whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies
*Kitchen Table Bakers; Sesame parmesan crisps
*Lazy Dog Cookie Co; Pup-pie happy birthday cake (for your favorite 4 legged friend)
*Annette’s; Chili lime Tequilia Tortilla Brittle
*Rowena’s; Carrot Jam
*Cucina Antica; La Vodka sauce
*Salem Baking; Flatbread crackers
*Salem Baking; Moravian cookies enrobed in chocolate topped w/ peppermint

Click on the link below to checkout the "Gold" Sofi award winners;

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